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Pride in the Park – something to be proud of!

Dumfries can be proud to have hosted such a successful Pride in the Park event!

Well done to Pride D&G for organising this great event, It was a family friendly community based pride! Following the launch at The Stove cafe on Friday evening, Saturday saw the parade through the town centre of Dumfries down into Dock Park. There was live music, community stalls and information. A friendly bunch of community volunteers to welcome everybody around the bandstand.

It was fantastic to see that Pride D&G had been able to secure the 15 mts long trans flag for the procession through the town.There was a party/festival atmosphere from the word go with a number of shops and cafes sporting the rainbow colours.

Over twenty groups and organisations had set up stalls in Dock Park. These provided information and activities during the afternoon. Plus there music from artists including Devine Tension, The Cherry Pinks, Tams Twin Sister, Willow Doherty and Daz McCormick as well as Dumfries Community Radio.

100% replied they felt ‘Happy‘ (according to survey taken on Saturday)! There was an overwhelming sense of community in which people felt safe. This quote from one of the partners sums up the event: “One of my favourite Prides I’ve ever been to, Put the focus on the community & celebrating queer identities & individuals instead of money and corporations. Also very accessible.”

Please look at the Day of the Region Facebook page to access photos and the video of the event.