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2014 - 2020


Communities Projects

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Old Smiddy Heritage Centre

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Renovation and refurbishment of the Old Smiddy at Balmaclellan into a multi-purpose Heritage and Community Hub for the Galloway Glens, where a wide range of heritage and community focussed activities can be undertaken with individuals and groups of all ages across the local area and beyond.

Applicant: Glenkens Community & Arts Trust


Funding Package
Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership: £170,400.00
Own Funds: £30,600.00
LEADER grant: £150,000.00
Total Project Costs: £351,000.00

Dumfries and Galloway’s Year of the Young People 2018

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A yearlong programme of activities and events for young people in Dumfries and Galloway during the Scottish Government’s Year of Young People 2018 delivered in partnership with Dumfries and Galloway Council, young people and Third Sector Organisations across the region.  The programme will focus on developing confident young people, effective contributors, successful learners and responsible citizens and building community capacity. 

Applicant: Dumfries & Galloway  Council

Funding Package
Young Start: £30,000
Dumfries & Galloway Council: £98,000
Own Funds: £30,000

Colvend Recreation Field

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Colvend Recreation Field

The project will provide an enlarged and enhanced recreation area at Colvend which will help improve fitness levels. A multi-purpose shelter will provide weather protection and act as a hub for community events and be used as an outdoor classroom.

Applicant: Colvend & Southwick Community Council

Funding Package
Eon Windfarm Community Benefit Company: £22,000
Dumfries & Galloway Council Stewartry Area Committee: £12,500
LEADER Grant: £16,269.60
Total Project Costs: £50,769.60

Barhill Community Woodland

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To bring the Barhill Woods under Community Management and develop it for both community use and as a tourist resource. Barhill Woods is the iconic natural backdrop to Kirkcudbright and is used by many local members of the community for recreation. There is no view of the town which does not include the backdrop of the Barhill Wood. This project aims to allow the community to take on management of this resource and develop it to its fullest potential through activities including the creation of an outdoor classroom, native planting, woodland management, track improvement and bird hides.

Applicant: Kirkcudbright Development Trust


Funding Package
Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership: £29,380.00
LEADER Grant: £23,581.00
Total Funding: £52,961.00

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Rural Enterprise

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Galloway Glens Biosphere Experience

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A community tourism developer will work within the Galloway Glens and with local stakeholders to develop new experiential tourism products based on existing skills, natural and cultural heritage.

This project seeks to enhance to local economy by adding value to existing business activity, local skills and heritage. The Galloway Glens project will be supporting a wide range of activity and we aim to enhance the economic benefits of this by developing new tourism activity and encouraging collaborative marketing.

Organisation: Southern Upland Partnership


Funding Package
Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership:  £28,400.00
Stewartry Area Committee: £3,166.50
Own Funds: £2,111.00
LEADER Grant: £36,843.00
Total project cost: £70,520.50

Galloway Modular Construction

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Galloway Modular Construction are going to establish a complete shipping container conversion unit. Container conversion is not a new concept however having an assembly line style unit ready to take a single use container in one end and present a custom conversion out the other has not yet been done. With help from LEADER we are going to produce two prototype conversions. The first will be a luxury double bedroom holiday cottage and the second will be a portable office. These initial cabins will allow us to prove our concept and provide us with two great examples for us to use as show conversions to then build our business from there.

Applicant: Galloway Modular Construction

Funding Package
Own Funds: £10,000.00
LEADER Grant: £10,000.00
Total Project Cost: £20,000.00

Wigwam Holidays, Wigtown

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The project at Clantibuies Farm proposes a glamping site consisting of 6 wooden Wigwam® cabins.  Located adjacent to the Galloway Forest Park, the site is situated 12 miles from the town of Newton Stewart. The site extends to approximately 2 hectares and is made up of undulating farmland.  The cabins will be located in the farm field, immediately adjacent to the forest plantation.

The desire is to create a totally unique and innovative offering in the form of packaged holiday experiences, unlike any other that exists in the region.  The focus for the site is very much on developing experiential tourism that is also accessible and inclusive to all. This will significantly enhance the benefits in the wider economy in driving footfall that otherwise would choose to stay elsewhere and outside of the Dumfries and Galloway area.

Applicant: I & L Galloway

Funding Package
Private Investment: £150,000.00
Own Funds: £964.41
LEADER Grant: £150,000.00
Total Project Cost: £300,964.41

Dark Art Gin Distillery

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Dark Art Gin (DAG) is a premium gin company based in Kirkcudbright.  It will have a distilling capability and a Visitor Centre & Shop which all together will be known as Dark Art Distillery.  The Distillery will be the heart of the business and will allow for tours and direct sales to visitors.  

The ethos of DAG will be to create a positive impact upon its environment by creating jobs, striving to achieve continual growth including exports, attracting visitors to Kirkcudbright and the wider Galloway region, embracing collaboration with other local businesses & tourist agencies and look to donate £1 per bottle sold directly to the consumer to charity.  It will continue the ‘art’ theme of Kirkcudbright, The Artists Town, with the internal walls being painted by various artists.

DAG will be based in the old Johnston School in the centre of Kirkcudbright and occupy two former class-rooms, one for the distilling equipment and the other for the Visitor Centre & Shop.  This Visitor Centre & Shop are critical to the business proposition in that it will be utilised to attract visitors both from within and outside Galloway.

Applicant: Dark Art Gin
Funding Package
Own funds: £111,800
LEADER Funding: £111,588.80
Total Project Cost: £223,388.80

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Cooperation Projects

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South of Scotland Golden Eagles Project

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The South of Scotland Golden Eagles Project is an exciting, ambitious and collaborative project between land managers and conservationists working to increase the breeding population and range of golden eagles in the South of Scotland. Identified by the Scottish Government as a priority for its biodiversity conservation programme, this offers a ground breaking opportunity to galvanise community interest and support for Scotland’s iconic bird. Once widespread, the population of golden eagles in the South of Scotland is now tiny and fragmented. Scientific work already commissioned by the project team is pointing to reinforcement of this population through translocation as the best means of reviving the population. Our legacy will be a healthier and viable population of golden eagles in the South of Scotland, enjoyed and supported by local communities and land managers, and forming the basis for greatly enhanced eco-tourism opportunities and wider economic development.

Applicant: The Langholm Initiative


Funding Package
Approved costs: £762,342.00
LEADER Grant: £152,469.00

Day of the Region Legacy

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The Day of the Region Legacy Project will be a three-year transnational cooperation project between territories in several Member States. A cooperation offer distributed through the Scottish Rural Network and European Network for Rural Development identified potential partners in Ireland, Germany, Poland and Romania.

This project will encourage innovation and collaboration – adding scale to the project and building social cohesion between people in different areas – and permits further analysis of methodology toward sustainability. We will develop joint-working practices with a thematic focus on community capacity-building, succession planning and social and economic impact.

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LEADER Grant: £243,194.66


Norway Cooperation Project

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Between April and June 18, 5 members of our Hidden Histories Project Team, plus a member of the local LAG will participate in a week-long learning visit to/cooperation project with the Avaldness Norvengan History Centre and Arkeologisk Museum in Stavanger, if practical during the time of the annual Viking Festival. As well as this visit, relationships and opportunities for dialogue will be built and maintained before and after to maximise the opportunities for shared learning that can be translated into a relevant Gallovidian context, and will explore how to change cultural headsets and behaviours towards eco-conscious living and exploring our sense of belonging/cultural identity via our hidden histories.

Although links between SW Scotland and Norway have their roots in ancient times, the aim of this project is innovative in the way it seeks to cultivate, strengthen and formalise modern-day links with heritage organisations in Norway, with a view to exploring, emulating, interpreting to our local context the learning which will inform a new green cultural tourism offering for our Region, including securing our place as part of the pan-European Destination Viking Project.

LEADER Grant – £5,000.00

Amaze Me LEADER Scotland 2018

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This project will deliver an exciting programme of activity during August 2018 making best use of the diverse network of LEADER funded projects and partner organisations across Dumfries & Galloway. The project is aimed at young people aged 18-28 years old with an interest in rural community development.  Applications will be filtered through local LEADER LAGs and participants will represent their area during the event and will be responsible for providing a report on their experience.  These reports will be collated into a document that can then be used by all participating areas to help inform and promote opportunities for young people to get involved in community development and/or local decision making in their areas.

Funding Package
LEADER Award: £116,000.00

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