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2014 - 2020


Communities Projects

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Stranraer Millennium Centre

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This project is to re-furbish, re-vamp and extend the current building to provide an accessible facility that will enable the delivery of services that respond to the needs of the community it serves. Facilities such as a community café offering training schemes and catering services will be available as well as flexible office spaces for groups and business in Wigtownshire to use, amongst many other opportunities. The Millennium Centre aims to provide a central hub for rural beneficiaries to benefit from and to provide easier access to services.

Funding Package

Big Lottery Fund – £919,527

Grant Award – £150,000

Total Approved Costs – £1,076,627

Riverside Outreach

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This project will see the Riverside Centre extend their services to more rural areas of Wigtownshire and to provide an outreach service for individuals who cannot access their centre due to lack of transport and rural isolation. Receiving funding for new transport and staffing will allow The Riverside Centre to increase the support they give to their current service users, and increase the scope of their existing services. The project will also provide new opportunities for service users in the form of new outreach activities encouraging socialising and physical activity.

Funding Package

Riverside Members Trust – £25,000

Own Funds – £26,850

Grant Award – £18,535

Total Project Costs – £70,385

Building the Case for a Care Campus

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This project focuses on adopting new approaches to ageing and testing a model to provide housing, social and community support with access to care for older people, combined with innovation in education, skills development and research. The Trust’s ambition is for a Care Campus that is a focus of excellence for housing and innovative caring practice and for it to become a world class exemplar in the creation and management of an integrated, whole workforce solution in health and social care for rural areas.  The Care Campus will address significant demographic changes and their anticipated impact on society, health and the economy and will provide opportunities to test a model and assess an approach to housing with care, incorporating partnerships and collaborations, which can benefit the whole of Dumfries & Galloway and provide new and different solutions for the region

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Funding Package

D&G Council – £10,000

Crichton Foundation – £15,000

Crichton Trust – £10,000

Scottish Enterprise – £25,000

NHS Dumfries & Galloway- £10,000

Grant Award – £67,600

Total Project Costs – £137,600

Exercise to Happiness

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This project will be harnessing the already existing skill sets with Greystone Rovers to create a unique and innovative service for individuals coping with mental health conditions. Implementing on existing research this project aims to create new exercise classes over the whole of the region focusing on improving mental and physical health, whilst boosting confidence amongst service users. The project aims to target individuals who may struggle to access activities due to their health problems and rural location. Exercise to Happiness also aims to conclude with a piece of research which can help increase provision to improve mental health in Dumfries & Galloway.

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Funding package

The Robertson Trust – £45,000

NHS Endowment Fund – £27,061

Grant Award – £72,061.68

Total Project Costs – £144,123.68

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Rural Enterprise

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Arkleton Walled Garden

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This project will enable the start-up of a business to open a commercial sustainable cut flower garden in the Walled Garden at Arkleton, predominantly for the wedding market in South West Scotland. As a generation it is felt we are giving much more consideration to where our produce is coming from and local flowers are an important part of this. On top of this, like some fruits, there are some flowers that won’t travel but can be grown in our climate. The general public will be able to visit the walled garden and pick the blooms that they require, increasing health and well-being and fulfilling desires to pick your own local produce.

Funding package

Private funds – £30,130.92

Grant Award – £30,130.41

Total Project costs – £60,261.33

Corrie Hall Stopover

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Corrie Hall is a small farm made up of nearly eight acres of grassland and is based between Cargenbridge and Lochfoot on cycle route 7. The project aims to accommodate cyclists in shepherds huts. Initially there will be five shepherds huts which will be used either as an overnight stay for touring cyclists or if they wish to stay longer to use Corrie Hall as a fixed base. There will be secure cycle storage, repair and washing facilities. With the local butcher in the area supplying locally sourced meat from farmers it is an aim to work alongside him to provide meat, bacon sausages and fresh eggs for the guests who will be able to purchase them from the small onsite shop which will be created from the original shepherds hut on the farm.

Funding Package

Private funds – £27,180

Grant Award – £27,180

Total Project costs – £54,360

Crafty Galloway

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This project aims to combine the best of Galloway across both food and tourism in order to draw more people to the area and enjoy the best experience possible. To do this Crafty Distillery will create both the Crafty Galloway Menu as well as the Crafty Galloway Gin Tour. Dumfries & Galloway has some of the finest ingredients in the world such Salt Marsh Lamb, Loch Ryan Oysters and Marbury Smoked Salmon to name a few. The Menu will serve smaller plates of seasonal recipes utilising our local ingredients. Alongside this Crafty Distillery will also promote Dumfries & Galloway as an inviting and beautiful part of Scotland and promote tours around the region to connect with the distillery as well as the Galloway inspired Hills & Harbours Gin.

Website –

Funding Package

Private funding – £50,000

Grant Award – £50,000

Total Project Costs – £100,000

Defining Galloway Beef

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The project will protect Dumfries & Galloway’s iconic red meat product, Galloway Beef, by developing and launching a quality assurance and traceability scheme, supported by a marketing campaign to support its roll-out. Supply chain development will also be supported by commissioning a specialist to facilitate a collaborative working relationship with retail partners through which consumer demand for the meat can be driven.  The project will learn from best practice from other breed societies, but will innovate to address the specific geographic challenges relating to the use and mis-use of the term Galloway Beef across the south of Scotland.

The project will also introduce an education programme focussing on the importance of native breeds for sustainability, and we will introduce innovative young farmers/new entrant support to address the demographic imbalance in our farmer profile.

Website –

Funding package

Private funds – £35,170

Grant Award – £35,170

Total Project Costs – £70,340

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