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***Please note D&G LEADER is currently

closed for applications***

Applying to the LEADER Programme

If you have an idea for a project, the first thing you have to do is register your interest online.  Click here to submit your initial Expression of Interest. We have set out below the various stages of the LEADER process, but rest assured, a member of the LEADER Team will be on hand every step of the way, if you need it; to support you through and give you some advice in what to incorporate in each section of the Application Form!

THE NEXT EXPRESSION OF INTEREST DEADLINE: (to be confirmed) for applications that will be eligible for a decision at the (to be confirmed) LAG Meeting.

From submission of your initial Expression of Interest to receiving a decision from the Local Action Group ordinarily takes 3 months….so let’s get started!

Step 1

Contact the LEADER team


Call us on 01387 260028 or email
Our dedicated Project Officers will provide you with more detail about the LEADER process and discuss if your project is technically eligible for LEADER funding and how to best to proceed.


Step 2

Expression of Interest


Submit your EoI online at:
This is the first formal step in the LEADER process and allows the Team to provide written feedback on your project idea. If your project is technically eligible you will be sent an Application Pack.



Step 3

Draft Application


The Draft Application is evaluated by the Team and members of the Local Action Group to ensure that all necessary information has been included. You will be given additional feedback at this stage including your final deadline to make any recommended changes.


Step 4

Full Application


This is an online process where you will be required to complete an Application Form and upload a Project Plan along with all of your supporting documentation and evidence of Match Funding.

The Team are available to support you throughout this process.

Your Final Application will have addressed any feedback given at the draft stage and must also include evidence of confirmed Match Funding for your project before it is submitted to the Local Action Group for consideration.

Step 5

Funding Decision

Your Final Application is presented to the Local Action Group at the next quarterly meeting for a decision to be taken. Your application will either be Approved, Rejected or Deferred and you will be notified of the decision shortly after the meeting.



Got an idea for a project?
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