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The LEADER Programme is overseen by a public-private partnership called the Local Action Group (LAG).  The LAG is made up of representatives of the public, private, third sectors and independent members from across Dumfries and Galloway.

The Chair of Dumfries and Galloway LAG is Mr Peter Ross.

The LAG is split into several groups:

Strategic Management Group (SMG)
The Strategic Management Group is responsible for the strategic direction of the Programme and for ensuring the delivery of the Local Development Strategy.  The SMG are also responsible for the development and delivery of LAG led projects such as Day of the Region.

Peter Ross (Chair)

Heather Brash

Barry Dunne

Caroline Brown

Gill Khosla

Alastair McNeill

David Rennie


Claire Thirlwall

Karen Ward Boyd




Communities Group

The Communities Group take decisions on applications from community groups and organisations that demonstrate wider community benefit.

Heather Brash (Chair)

Cathy Agnew

Norman Burns

Ed Forrest

Harry Harbottle

McNabb Laurie

Clair McFarlan


Mairi Telford Jammeh

Rob Wells

Jennifer Wilson



Rural Enterprise Group

The Rural Enterprise Group take decisions on applications from small rural businesses, farm diversification projects and projects that have an economic impact focus:

Gill Khosla (Chair)

Teresa Dougall

Gill Dykes

Tony Fitzpatrick

Sharon Glendinning

Amanda Hannah

Lesley Jackson


Judith Johnson

Eva Milroy

Doug Wilson


Fisheries Local  Action Group (FLAG)

The Fisheries Group is responsible for assessing projects which have a  maritime focus and allocate funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF):

Alastair McNeill (Chair)

Caroline Brown

Grant Course

Harry Harbottle

Stephen Hardy

Shaun McGuire

Debbie Parke

Pam Taylor

John Tooth

Jonathan Warren

Allan Watson


To contact the Local Action Group please email