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2014 - 2020


Communities Projects

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Bridge to Employment

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Organisation: Better Lives Partnership

The Bridge to Employment aims to establish an alternative post-school progression route for young people in the Stewartry Area of Dumfries and Galloway with Additional Support Needs (mainly young people under the age of 25 with Autism Spectrum Disorder – ASD) into Further Education, Training or Employment. The target group are ‘more able’ young people with additional support needs who have already gained national qualifications but require additional support to take the next step to work or further education to fulfil their potential.  Training in supporting and working with people with ASD will be provided to businesses, employers and Further Education Institutions who become involved

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Funding Package

Holywood Trust – £63,500

LEADER Grant – £63,271

Total Project Cost – £126,771

Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels – Developing Community Action

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Organisation: Scottish Wildlife Trust

Once widespread, red squirrels have undergone a catastrophic decline, primarily due to competition from the non-native, invasive American grey squirrel. The innovative Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels partnership has established through a trial period that it is possible to halt the decline of red squirrels via co-ordinated grey squirrel control.  Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels – Developing Community Action” will develop a more sustainable way to secure the future of red squirrels over the long-term in Dumfries and Galloway, moving away from reliance on paid staff towards creating communities that are supported, motivated and capable of acting together to project  red squirrels in their local area.

Website –

Funding Package

Heritage Lottery Fund – £99,563

Scottish Wildlife Trust – £5,793

LEADER Grant: £105,355

Total Project Cost – £210,711

Day of the Region

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Organisation: Dumfries & Galloway Council

The Day of the Region Legacy Project will be a three-year transnational cooperation project between territories in several Member States. A cooperation offer distributed through the Scottish Rural Network and European Network for Rural Development identified potential partners in Ireland, Germany, Poland and Romania.

This project will encourage innovation and collaboration – adding scale to the project and building social cohesion between people in different areas – and permits further analysis of methodology toward sustainability. We will develop joint-working practices with a thematic focus on community capacity-building, succession planning and social and economic impact.

Website –

 LEADER Grant: £243,194.66

D&G Promoters & Performing Artists Network

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Organisation: Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival

Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival now wishes to expand from being a ten-day annual festival into an organisation that supports the development of the performing arts sector on a year-round basis. The Arts Live Promoters and Performing Arts Network, utilises the local and national networks developed through its popular annual arts festival and applies best practice from “Rural Touring” performing arts schemes. Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival is a trusted and supportive organisation that provides practical support and enables development in the sector. The arts festival which LEADER has previously invested in will continue, and benefit from the partnerships developed through this project.

Website –

Funding Package

Creative Scotland – £50,000

LEADER Grant – £50,000

Total Project Cost – £100,000

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Rural Enterprise

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Rural Swim

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Applicant: Stuart and Karen Galloway, Barvernochan Farm, Whauphill

This project aims to build and facilitate an Exercise Pool that can be used for Fitness, Leisure, Physiotherapy or Rehabilitation. It will be located in the heart of the Machars on a modern, working beef and sheep farm with a picturesque location. The pool will be housed in a custom made accessible building to include, toilets, changing facilities, exercise area, seating area and office. The pool incorporates a state of the art swim current, a water based treadmill and rowing kit. A Hydrotherapy Spa and space for exercise equipment will also be included within the building.

“Our aim is to build an innovative business providing the local community and tourists with a facility unique to Dumfries and Galloway enhancing our rural area.”

Funding Package

D&G LEADER: £49,986

Total Project Cost: £123,186

Hold the Front Page!

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Organisation: Muckle Toon Media

Hold the Front Page! is a unique opportunity to create a multi-media Community Interest Company to fill the gap left by the planned closure of the Eskdale and Liddesdale Advertiser by Cumbria News Group at the end of March 2017.

The company will be locally owned and accountable with a voluntary board of Directors who will have an appropriate mix of skills. The project will support the economy and culture of Eskdale through advertising and profiling of local businesses and by promoting our locally based artists and makers.

People will have the opportunity to learn new skills such as writing for the paper, social media and the web, interviewing, photography, editing, film making, proof reading, reporting, design of adverts and other media related activities.

Website –

Funding Package

Bowman Little Trust – £10,000

David Stevenson Trust – £10,000

Stoneypath Trust – £10,000

Arthur Bell Trust – £10,000

Private Source – £10,000

Ashleybank Investments Ltd – £102,214

Own Funds – £5,000

LEADER Grant – £50,000

Total Project Cost – £207,214

Wild Oak Woods Eco-Campsite

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Organisation: Hands On Environmental Education

Wild Oak Woods Eco-campsite project will create a low carbon tourist facility in a hidden valley within the Stewartry National Scenic Area. The development will increase coastal, rural tourism using good environmental design and renewable energy sources to create a niche market, back to nature holiday experience which will be an example of Eco-tourism at its best.

The project creates a symbiotic relationship between a sustainable small business and a stunning, biodiverse wildlife site. It will ensure the economic stability of the business, add to the economic growth of the area and safeguard a site of valuable biodiversity. It will raise awareness of the natural assets of Dumfries and Galloway both nationally and beyond.

Website –

 Funding Package

Private Source – £108,000

LEADER Grant £50,000

Total Project Cost – £158,000

Upland Creative Network

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Applicant: Upland Arts Development CIC

Upland Creative Network will broker relationships which will explore drivers for economic and creative development and which will inspire and educate young people about visual arts and crafts micro-businesses. Upland’s new activities are aimed to create a rhizosphere of support that all artists and makers can access.

Funding Package

D&G LEADER: £40,662.97

Creative Scotland: £23,962.97

Holywood Trust: £14,700

Own Funds: £2,000

Total Project Cost: £81,325.94

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