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Safer & Stronger Scotland

This section features projects which have encouraged better links between generations or projects which foster positive inter-cultural relationships. Projects clearly demonstrate a strengthening community spirit and civic pride in our rural communities.

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Festival Programme Planning and Development PostFestival Planning & Development Post

The Festival Programme Planning and Development Post aims to support the Festival Programme Planning Group in the development and co-ordination of future programmes, finding new venues and growing audience numbers. This will be achieved by identifying and working with local community councils wishing to host events in village halls and multi cultural groups to develop events; contacting other similar Festivals nationally and internationally seeking ways in which to co-operate/ exchange events to enhance programme planning; working with a range of partners to grow the younger audiences; developing an effective marketing and publicity strategy; commissioning new works and managing delivery of these to the region.

LEADER: £9,744
Public: £0.00
In-Kind: £0.00

pdf icon Year 1 - Festival Planning and Development Post [96kb]
pdf icon Final Report - Festival Planning and Development Post [107kb]

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Homecoming on your DoorstepHomecoming on your doorstep

The project takes the opportunity offered by the Year of Homecoming 2009, to work in partnership with groups across the region to celebrate the achievements and heritage of Dumfries & Galloway. Dumfries & Galloway has a central role in the Year of Homecoming as it is the place Burns came to live and work and where he died. The project is intended to be a celebration of Dumfries & Galloway's culture and achievements and encourage those linked with this area or those who love Scotland to visit, as well as enabling the local population to celebrate and take pride in their culture, famous sons and daughters and their achievements.

LEADER: £47,500.00
Private: £5,000
Public: £42,915
In-Kind: £0.00

pdf icon Final Report - Homecoming on your doorstep [297kb]

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Xcel ProjectXcel Project

The aim of the project is to introduce and deliver new and targeted youth activities in Eskdale. The main aims of the project are to provide more opportunities for achievement amongst young people in the rurally isolated area of Eskdale, through the implementation of several initiatives, identified and achieved in conjunction with local young people and the wider community; to realise the social development of young people and enable them to gain a voice and place in society; to encourage young people to become active citizens, their increased involvement within the community shall improve the quality of life for all those living in the area; to facilitate the development of young people through initiatives that allows them to identify and meet their own needs; to create informal educational opportunities for young people in Eskdale; to improve young people's access to information and services; to involve the community with the introduction of an Xcel Volunteer Database. This would result in all clubs and organisations working with young people in Eskdale having access to volunteers.

LEADER: £40,151.42
Private: £1,000
Public: £34,500
In-Kind: £4,651.42

pdf icon Year 1 - Xcel Project [615kb]
pdf icon Final Report - Xcel Project [751kb]

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Cults Loch Community Heritage ProjectCults Loch Community Heritage Project

The Cults Loch Community Heritage projects intended programme has many activities, all focused on community training, learning and participation. Central to the project is the archaeological fieldwork around Cults Loch. This will include community involvement in excavations and survey, training workshops, open days, school visits, public lectures and community leaflets. The project's geographical scope stretches far beyond Castle Kennedy, culminating in an ambitious regional community programme, which will take place during and after the fieldwork. Community exhibitions and related heritage exhibitions will be hosted across the region in appropriate venues, complimented by object handling sessions, reanalysis of existing museum collections, workshops, public lectures, guided tours and an oral history study.

LEADER: £15,099.15
Private: £0.00
Public: £22,500
In-Kind: £11,764 

pdf icon Year 1 - Cults Loch Community Heritage Project [947kb]
pdf icon Cults Loch Community Heritage Project [1Mb]

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Digital Projection ProjectDigital Projection Project

The Digital Projection project involves the installation of a digital projector and all the ancillary equipment in the projection room at the Cinema, along with all necessary training.
Once installation is complete the project then involves the promotion of the new equipment and the advantages it offers to various groups in the community ; disabled people: the visually impaired can receive a précis of the action on film through an audio description sound channel; the aurally impaired can take advantage of an infra red subtitling system. Youth groups will be encouraged to learn the skills of film production and be able to see the results on the big screen. The project will also create a youth group which will develop the skills of film making and through that medium make them more aware of their environment. The films they make will be shown in the Cinema to all their friends as well as a wider audience.

LEADER: £30,000.00
Private: £5,000
Public: £35,000
In-Kind: £0.00

pdf icon Final Report - Digital Projection Project [47kb]

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Watson Bird Centre Watson Bird Centre

The Watson Bird Centre aims to assess the feasibility and financial viability of a Watson Bird Centre in terms of concept, viability and location and the benefits it will bring to the communities and economy of The Glenkens and wider areas of Galloway through natural heritage, health, art, literature and education.

LEADER: £8,000.00
Private: £0.00
Public: £4,000
In-Kind: £4,000

pdf icon Year 1 - Watson Bird Centre [2Mb]
pdf icon Final Report - Watson Bird Centre [2Mb]

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Creetown Bowling Club - Open Access InitiativeCreetown Bowling Club - Open Access Initiative

The aims of the project are to provide a social hub for community access, expand the use of the clubs facilities into the general community, increase the numbers using the clubs facilities for and beyond the club membership, improve access to clubhouse, upgrade the club house to make it fit for purpose for the above, provide all year all weather usage. This will be achieved by raising awareness within the community that the club is a community resource and actively encourage community use, participation in social and sporting activities. By completing the renovation, redesign and modernisation of the internal structure to upgrade accommodation for public use as well as building new toilet facilities to include disabled access, improving the heat efficiency by installing double glazing and insulation and installing an efficient heating system to improve the social environment this will make the club more user friendly for a wide range of village groups.

LEADER: £36,650.78
Public: £5,000
Private: £31,650.78
In kind: £0.00

pdf icon Final Report - Creetown Bowling Club [78kb]

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Rural Awards and Good Practice GuideRural Awards 2010

LEADER will strive for excellence in the arrangements and developments linked to both aspects of the project. The intention is to develop a record of projects against the Scottish Government Strategic Priorities (Wealthier and Fairer, Smarter, Healthier, Safer & Stronger, Greener). This year the awards will also ensure that young people are engaged from the start through development of a Youth Award for Rural Development and that the visits by international guests extend beyond simply attending the celebration.

  • To raise the profile of projects supported by the LEADER programme in D&G.
  • To encourage networking and exchange of knowledge between communities.
  • To strengthen links between communities and public sector agencies.
  • To help position D&G as a successful rural area.
  • To raise confidence and encourage a sense of pride in the area.
  • To promote new funding opportunities and stimulate applications.
  • To encourage wider networking and cooperation with international partners.
  • To capture in publication what the communities of D&G are achieving.

Public: £6,262.50
Private: £0.00
In kind: £6,675

pdf icon Final Report - Rural Awards [3Mb]

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Carsphairn Community GardenCarsphairn Community Garden

Carsphairn at present is a fragmented community, and is disadvantaged like many rural villages in having no communal park or outside space to provide for visitors or locals to socialise, sit and read, have a picnic etc. Congregating alongside the A713 which runs through the village is an unsafe and noisy option, while the graveyard (used by some) is not ideal for these purposes. Meetings and consultations with the wider community by the Carsphairn Community Council (CCC) have highlighted the particular need for an attractive community outside space. The Community Garden project was initiated in 2001 when the CCC purchased an unsightly piece of wasteland at the southern entrance to the village. The aim is to create a manageable environmentally sustainable outdoor space featuring traditional species of native trees, shrubs and plants, that will in its turn create a habitat for native wildlife. The project will give the opportunity for a number of community social events that will enhance community involvement.

LEADER: £13,002.50
Public: £0.00
Private: £6,500.50
In kind: £6,500

pdf icon Final Report - Carsphairn Community Garden [103kb]

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Moffat Town Hall RedevelopmentMoffat Town Hall Redevelopment

Moffat Town Hall is a listed building with a proud Spa and cultural heritage and is currently the centre for a range of community activities, providing the largest venue for social events in the town, as well as providing vital Council Services. A condition survey in 2008 confirmed that the fabric of the building has deteriorated to such a point that it is becoming unfit for purpose and faces the prospect of closure on safety grounds within the next few years. Despite this condition, the current owner, Dumfries & Galloway Council, has confirmed that they have no plans for investment in the building. The Community therefore risks loss of the Town Hall as a vital community resource. D&G Council have agreed transfer of ownership of the building to the Trust for £1 and this has Ministerial approval. The aim of this project is to appoint a Project Manager to secure major capital funding, and initial revenue funding to ensure progress with the overall Project; to coordinate the legal transfer of ownership from D&G Council to the Trust; to develop tender documents for contractors, and procurement, in conjunction with the Design Team; negotiate interim transfer agreements with D&G Council for continued provision of services during the construction phase; to further engage with the Community through establishment of a User Group and network with local businesses; these Aims, undertaken by the Project Manager, will each ensure that the Community is fully behind and engaged with the Project; and by gaining ownership of the Town Hall will develop the expertise and pride from managing such an important Community Facility.

LEADER: £19 256
Public: £10,000
Private: £9 256
In kind: £0.00

pdf icon Final Report - Moffat Town Hall Redevelopment Trust [334kb]

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RSE @ D&G RSE @ Dumfries and Galloway

The RSE @ Dumfries & Galloway initiative aims to enhance and improve the understanding and appreciation that people, particularly school aged children, have for their local community by providing a greater understanding of the area's past and present life, as a community, existing within the context of Scotland, the UK and the wider world; re-generating a sense of identity and civic pride, particularly among young people, by encouraging a sense of belonging to an area rich in cultural and human resources and providing a sound and informed basis to empower the community to address current issues related to its future development and continuing prosperity.

LEADER: £33,495
Public: £0.00
Private: £31,600
In kind: £17,900

pdf icon Final Report - RSE @ Dumfries and Galloway [171kb]

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Xcel Project - Why Try Xcel Project - Why Try?

The Xcel Project - Why Try? will follow on from the Xcel Project - Building On Success. The Xcel Project - Why Try? will expand on all of the good work of the previous project. The creation and development of the Youth Information Centre on Langholm High Street was the major success of the previous project and this facility will be an integral part of the new project. The Xcel Project - Why Try? will also expand on some of the activities with the development of a Youth Arts Programme working in conjunction with the Buccleuch Centre, Centre Stage Theatre and Just Dance. This will provide young people with avenues for dance, music and film. The Youth Arts Programme will also be complemented with a regular timetable of Bluelight music events. The new project will keep a lot of the existing activities and develop them in relation to the need and demand of the young people. However, it is also important that the project has new impetus and the Why Try? training programme will give it just that. It will engage different young people on the project, young people who weren't confident about joining in and getting involved before. It further progresses the project and will help develop the Youth Information Centre into a real hub of activity for young people in Eskdale.

LEADER: £42,096.42
Public: £0.00
Private: £40,000
In kind: £2,096.42

pdf icon Year 1 - Xcel Project Why Try [650kb]
pdf icon Final Report - Xcel Project Why Try [425kb]

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Festival Development Post

Festival Development Post

The Festival Development Post project aims to support the Festival Programme Planning Group in the development and co-ordination of future programmes, finding new venues, building innovative partnerships, creating ownership and community confidence and growing audience numbers.

LEADER: £10,760
Public: £0.00
Private: £10,760
In kind: £0.00

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Eskdalemuir Community Hub Development PhaseEskdalemuir Community Hub

The Eskdalemuir Community Hub project aims to recruit a development worker who will establish a project office and community information point, a pilot programme of activities, the phased refurbishment of the building to an exemplary standard of sustainability, accessibility and energy efficient design, using local materials, services and labour from sustainable sources. Works will include installation of insulation, renewable energy heating systems, accessible toilets and entryways, updating of electrical, plumbing and other services, internal fixtures and finishes, alarms, landscaping, car park and signage. The aim is to strengthen community spirit & civic pride.

LEADER: £40,319
Public: £0.00
Private: £20,735
In kind: £19,584

pdf icon Final Report - Eskdalemuir Community Hub [1Mb]

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Whithorn BraveheartsWhithorn Bravehearts

The project aims to promote sport and practices of boxing, physical fitness, self discipline & self motivation, promotes the codes of safety in the sport and practices of boxing, aims to promote the moral, mental, physical and social well being of members and co-operates and works with other bodies with similar aims. Whithorn Bravehearts has been instrumental in working in partnership with other organisations within the local area in assisting in reducing the amount of anti-social activities which youngsters have been undertaking. They have provided a safe, supportive and nurturing environment to young people who would otherwise not have been able to access this support through no fault of their own and the work which the Group carries out in the community in terms of providing male role models is invaluable.

LEADER: £11,776
Public: £0.00
Private: £10,000 
In kind: £1,776

pdf icon Year 1 - Whithorn Bravehearts [7kb]
pdf icon Whithorn Bravehearts [7kb]

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Watson Bird Centre Watson Bird Centre and Celebration

This project will support a project officer to put together a funding package for the purchase and refurbishment of 'Barone', Donald and Jeff Watson's home in St John's Town of Dalry. The project will work towards creating a visitor centre dedicated to the Watson's, experts in the field of ornithology and wildlife art. At present the community of Dalry has a negative view due to one recent shop closure, the other shop for sale, poor business levels at the two hotels with one currently closed and the other only just re-opened, the library under threat of closure, unwanted housing development with planning approval, and continuing concerns about the post office. The project officer, being based in the community and working to the Steering Group, will help to galvanise interest, stimulate volunteer activity and encourage new ideas.

LEADER: £46,120
Public: £19,000
Private: £4,060 
In kind: £23,060

pdf icon Report - Watson Bird Centre and Celebration [226kb]
pdf icon Year 1 - Watson Bird Centre and Celebrate [277kb]
pdf icon Watson Bird Centre and Celebration [277kb]

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LGBT Rural Outreach and Capacity Building Project 

LGBT Rural Outreach & Capacity Building Project With this funding, the project aims to adapt and roll out successful models of work to rural communities of D&G using approaches which will be modern and forward looking, whilst still working within and respecting the local traditions and heritage of our rural and remote areas. In particular they aim to reach out widely and inclusively across the rural areas of D&G to raise awareness of our services, promote visibility of LGBT people, and to deliver positive, relevant messages about inclusion and respect. Engage meaningfully with LGBT people, their families and allies, providing them with opportunities to meet others and access information and support in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Consult appropriately with all key stakeholders in order to fully assess needs and aspirations. Build the capacity of local LGBT people, their families and allies to take on leadership roles and to be a confident and visible face of the LGBT community in the social, civic and democratic life of their local areas. Work with local agencies and the wider community groups (using Adult Volunteers and Community Activists where possible), to build confidence, improve service delivery and promote equality.

LEADER: £33,000
Public: £16,500
Private: £0.00
In kind: £17,200

pdf icon Report - LGBT Rural Outreach and Capacity Building [296kb]

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Tynron Parish Hall Tynron Parish Hall Renovation

Tynron Parish Hall will undertake a comprehensive renovation of the parish hall to increase the appeal of the hall and the possibility of daytime activities, that have not hitherto been possible. Better light and ambience, provided by new windows and heating, would enable educational activities such as art classes and IT tuition, some during the daytime: local residents have expressed a wish for such courses. Exercise classes such as tai chi, yoga and pilates have hitherto failed because the overhead heaters are not suitable: the planned heaters should remedy this. To provide easy access facilities, allow greater flexibility for events, by building an extension providing a new room for small meetings; this would also enable a marquee to attached to the hall for large functions. They aim to enable better catering on a larger scale by improving the kitchen. They will reduce the costs of heating by installing air-to-air heat pump units, by providing a small room, thus avoiding the need to heat the whole hall for small meetings and by insulating all exterior walls and the roof space. All of the renovation work should help to make the parish hall a self sustaining, viable facility for the local community to enjoy.

LEADER: £23,842
Public: £14,888
Private: £16,790
In kind: £1,729

pdf icon Final Report - Tynron Parish Hall [307kb]

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Dundrennan Jubilee Garden Dundrennan Jubilee Garden

This project will help to preserve and enhance the only remaining resource in the village and enable future generations to access to this. The garden and path will provide a community resource in celebration with the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The garden will offer a place for quiet reflection and relaxation, wildlife habitat, community orchard, and picnic/BBQ area. It will also provide a space for a local woodcarver to display his art and have demonstrations. The garden will lead onto a walk/path which will be accessible to all with interpretation boards relating to the history, flora/fauna and other notes of interest of the area. The community wishes to preserve trees in the area and those which are now of age will be replaced. Current species of interest within the area include woodpecker, tawny owl, spotted flycatcher, bats and amphibians and the project will enhance their environment by providing appropriate nest/roost spaces, breeding sites, planting cover etc. The community aims to rekindle some of the community spirit which it feels may be getting lost and to provide a valuable shared resource as a legacy for future generations.

LEADER: £11,404
Public: £7,000
Private: £7,000
In kind: £3,000

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Boreland Village Hall Refurbishment - Phase 3

The objective of this project is to improve and make better use of this vital community facility and ensure members of our rural community continue to have access to services and activities which can maintain their quality of life and health & wellbeing. The building is structurally sound but it needs to be brought into the 21st century to provide modern amenities and a building that is warm, safe and comfortable as well as energy efficient and accessible to the whole community. The project will involve an extension to accommodate new ladies and disabled toilets, a storeroom and cloakroom, formation of new gents' toilets from within the existing building, refurbishment of the internal walls of the main hall and all internal and external decoration. There is a real enthusiasm within the community to see other new activities started, new groups established and more social events. There are already plans to establish a women's group, a men's group, a gardening group and a history group as well as providing learning opportunities in IT and crafts, exercise classes and regular speaker nights and film shows all leading to the creation of a vibrant community hub. In addition, the hall will be used for private functions. There is also potential to work with partners such as Dumfries & Galloway Council and the NHS.

LEADER: £43,000
Public: £29,588
Private: £15,252
In kind: £1,200

pdf icon Final Report - Boreland Village Hall [69kb]

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The Joseph Thomson Heritage Centre

The birthplace of Joseph Thomson has been leased to the Joseph Thomson Project Steering Group, with a view to the building being transformed into a community hub. The organisation will renovate the cottage to provide a venue for both the purpose of celebrating the life and work of Joseph Thomson - a noted African explorer, for whom the Thomson Gazelle and the Thomson Waterfall in Kenya are named - as well as providing a community facility. This will provide a meeting place; an IT hub; local and family history research; a visitor centre adding to the other notable attractions in the mid-Nithsdale area, such as Ellisland Farm and Drumlanrig Castle. The centre will have permanent interpretation telling Joseph Thomson's story, as well as temporary interpretation space for other local history.

LEADER: £14,255.50
Public: £9,094.50
Private: £5,000
In kind: £9,088

pdf icon Report - The Joseph Thomson Heritage Centre [340kb]

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Further Development of Port William Youth Group

This project adds value to the already successful Port William Youth Project, which aims to provide evening activities for the young people of Port William, as well as other small communities in the wider Machars area. The project aims to introduce an inter-generational focus upon the work being carried out by the young club. Firstly it hopes to engage past youth club members as volunteers to work the current young people building their confidence and giving them valuable experience for the work to work. The project also hopes to bring together the young people with the older members of the communities to engage in a knowledge exchange - encouraging young people to cook or take up new pastimes such as sewing and knitting, while the older people can access help with new technologies such as mobile phones and computers. It is hoped this will benefit both generations and engender a greater sense of respect and community spirit in the village it works in.

LEADER: £4,160
Public: £2,592
Private: £1,600
In kind: £2,650

pdf icon Report - Further Development of Port William Youth Cluster [73kb]

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